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These Useful B2B Products Make You Feel Successful

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Emotion plays a very strong role in why customers buy and use products. This is even more important for B2B products where the buyer is not always the user.

Building B2B products that drive highly engaged users can be difficult. You find yourself balancing the needs of new customers while keeping your current customers engaged with added value.

The following B2B products have been built very intentionally to drive an emotional response from users. By using these products, users immediately feel more successful doing their job.


I love this product. It’s a great way to keep track of anything organized across a team of people. Trello’s simple lists and cards are such a delight to use because they are so simple.

Cards are self contained list items that can contain assignments, due dates, attachments, etc. Lists can be used for categories or statuses. The flexibility is part of what makes it so great.


Using Trello will make you more organized. Dragging a card from “Doing” to “Done” will always make you feel like you’ve made progress.

Better productivity doesn’t always make you feel successful, but Trello is able to accomplish both.


Who would have thought that in 2015 you could innovate the chat room experience. There’s no shortage of solutions on the market, so how has Slack been so successful?

They’ve focused on building the best damn team communication product ever.

Slack is not just about chat. I’s about the community, the integrations, and the teamwork.


If your team uses Slack, you’ll immediately see the benefits in your business. People will be more in touch and you’ll see reduced re-work.


This little app is epitome of a B2B product built as a delightful customer experience. Buffer is a B2B product for better sharing on Social Media. Their app connects to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. accounts and posts content you select on your behalf at scheduled times.


The delight in Buffer’s product lies in the feeling that they’ve got it taken care of. All you have to do is find content you want to share, “Buffer it” and it’s taken care of.


Square’s product has come in like a wrecking ball and disrupted the small business credit card processing market. Their product has lowered the barrier to starting a business.


Square’s combination of hardware and software products make it dead simple to start accepting credit cards. Entrepreneurs find immediate satisfaction in being able to collect money for their products and services.

Entrepreneurs need nothing more than a bank account, product, and smartphone to be in business.

Square has empowered entrepreneurs by removing the barrier to be in business.


Bet you didn’t expect this one. I never said B2B products had to be apps.

Moleskine notebooks keep you on track and be the landing place for all your fleeting thoughts and ideas.


All of these products have a few things in common…

  1. The product creates immediate value. The reason for using this app is obvious to the user. The user draws a correlation between using this product and an improvement in their ability to do their work.
  2. There’s a very low learning curve. The user can get started quickly with little to no training. This reinforces point one where the user is able to see the value immediately.
  3. The product is delightful to use. The user enjoys using the product. They are so excited by using the product that they are willing to tell their friends or colleagues about it.

Are you delighting the people who use your product?



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