Chris Redrich

I make things that help people and organizations achieve their goals using the web. Husband, father, and maker.

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New project launched

Over the last few weeks I have been on the hunt for a premium descriptive domain to purchase and build upon. Why? SEO is still king I studied a hundred or more startup success stories and they almost all had one thing in common: SEO. SEO was the foundation for

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A new adventure begins

Hello there! 👋 My name is Chris Redrich. I am a product management leader with fifteen years of experience building SaaS and marketplace products. I have led teams of 3 all the way to teams of 120 to build world-class web and mobile products. From the B2B collaboration space to

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These Useful B2B Products Make You Feel Successful

Emotion plays a very strong role in why customers buy and use products. This is even more important for B2B products where the buyer is not always the user. Building B2B products that drive highly engaged users can be difficult. You find yourself balancing the needs of new customers while keeping your current customers engaged with added value. The

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How to Brainstorm a Startup Idea That Doesn’t Suck

Most startup ideas suck. Every startup founder wants to believe that their idea is really great. The truth is that great startup ideas are not aha moments, they are refined by learning. Startup ideas are like uncut diamonds. They have to be cut, refined, and polished before they're worth anything. #startups #Inspiration

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